• Mary Oliver: Poet of Awe Mar 24-- Mary Oliver was in a class by herself. Distinguished with a Pulitzer Prize and a National Book Award, she was viewed with suspicion by literary critics for her status as a kind of rock star poet. For those of us who read her like a daily liturgy, her name is synonymous with other such essential words: mystery, wild, awe, terror, ...

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  • We Became Fragments Mar 23-- This powerful film chronicles the journey of Ibraheem Sarhan, a Syrian teenager, as he adapts to a new life in Winnipeg, Canada. Following the loss of his mother and four siblings in a bombing that left him injured, Ibraheem left Syria with his father. "We went out against our will and we shall return with our hope," he says. Watch ...

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  • First, the Work of Paying Attention to the World Mar 22-- "David George Haskell is an ecologist and evolutionary biologist whose work is located at the thrumming intersection between science and poetry. He integrates rigorous research with a deeply contemplative, immersive approach, and his subjects are unexpected and revelatory. His widely acclaimed, Pulitzer-finalist book, "The Forest Unseen," chronicles the story of the universe in one square meter of forest ground in ...

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  • Why Shadows Were Invented Mar 21-- In 'From These Wilds Beyond Our Fences,' Bayo Akomolafe points out that when Seventeenth-century physicist Francesco Grimaldi directed a focused ray of sunlight in a dark room, managing the ray so that it struck a thin rod and produced a shadow on a screen, he proved that light behaves in unexpected ways. In fact, light is only one side of ...

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  • Holding Circles of Healing Mar 20-- "In 2017, we released our labor of love film, "TeachMeToBeWILD: A Story of Hurt Children and their Animal Healers". This film is a universal healing story that brings together many interconnected elements: children, animals, nature, silence and the power of safe, non-judgemental listening spaces. One of our greatest inspirations to make the film was witnessing how Steve Karlin and John ...

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  • Children, Anger Control and Inuit Wisdom Mar 19-- "Traditional Inuit parenting is incredibly nurturing and tender. If you took all the parenting styles around the world and ranked them by their gentleness, the Inuit approach would likely rank near the top. (They even have a special kiss for babies, where you put your nose against the cheek and sniff the skin.) The culture views scolding -- or even ...

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13 Ways of Looking at Community "Community cannot take root in a divided life. Long before ... 6605 Reads

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