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When snowmobiling caught the attention of Tana Hoffman she found plenty of people willing to rent or even loan one of…

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The valley’s biggest dance party serves no alcohol and starts at 9 a.m. on a Sunday.

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Adaptive skier Trevor Kennison, of Winter Park, Colo., hucks into Corbet's Couloir on a sit-ski Tuesday at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Kennison, who said he's been sit-skiing for almost three years after breaking his back in a backcountry snowboarding accident, stuck the landing in Corbet'…

The fourth annual Rock the Ride fundraiser for St. John's Hospital Foundation Stroke and Cardiac Fund packs the Dancers' Workshop in the Center for the Arts on Sunday. With the proceeds from last year’s fundraiser and this one the St. John’s Hospital Foundation intends to purchase a new card…

The Town Downhill returned to Snow King Mountain this year for the 37th annual race. The men’s winner is no stranger to Snow King, but Sunday’s race was the first for Owen Doyle since competing in the event in sixth grade. Now 18 years old and a student at Montana State University in Bozeman…

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Conditions were prime at Snow King Mountain on Thursday afternoon.

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On days when avalanche danger is high, most backcountry skiers are conservative. But the few who make bad choices not only endanger themselves but risk an avalanche running onto the thousands …

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