Highlights: Kona Big Wave Golden Ale Live at Waimea Bay

The best rides from a long day of pumping Waimea

How to Teach Your Kid to Surf, with Josh Kerr

The do's and don'ts of imparting surf stoke to your young

Regional O’Neill Wave of the Winter: Send ‘Em In

Cross-country regional edition submission deadline: March 31

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Welcome to the New, Improved BSR in Waco, Texas

Slightly bigger waves, deeper pool, high-tech filtration system — and a new ‘Freak Peak’

The Best Tubes on Earth

Expert barrel riders breakdown the longest, scariest, and most perfect pits

O’Neill Wave of the Winter Awards: March 28th, Honolulu

Winners announced live and on stage at the Republik

How One Man Traded a Sailboat for an Island in the Mentawais

And why HT's is not a bad place to settle down

Florida Pros Revel in Man-Made Sandy Slabs

How the Ponce de Leon Inlet and ICW Channel Dredging Project gave a tight crew of Floridian surfers a novelty wave to remember

What The Heck is Kelly Slater Doing?

Kelly’s appearance at Manly raises more questions than it answered.

BWRAG Safety Summit Heads to Azores to Kick Off 2019 Season

“This is going to be quite a big deal for the Azores,” says BWRAG manager, Zach DiIonno.

Aquaman Designs a Board; Revisits Makaha Roots

Before he was a movie star, Jason Momoa was just another waverider ... only bigger

Cyclone Idai: Mozambique’s Worst Natural Disaster in Years

Devastating cyclone rips through southeastern African country

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