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Management Board supports efforts to improve REACH authorisation and evaluation
ECHA’s Management Board has expressed its confidence in the plans to adjust the process for applications for authorisation. The Board also welcomed the joint action plan of ECHA and the European Commission to improve the compliance of REACH registrations.
ECHA’s committees conclude on one restriction and 10 harmonised classification and labelling opinions
The Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC) adopted its opinion on the restriction proposal on granules and mulches used as infill material in synthetic turf pitches or in loose forms on playgrounds. The Committee for Socio-economic Analysis (SEAC) agreed its draft opinion on the same proposal.
Improving compliance is ECHA's key priority

Non-compliant information on chemicals is a serious issue that needs to be fixed. Progress has been made with evaluation but further measures are planned to raise the percentage of dossiers checked and increase efficiency.


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Applications for authorisation
Consultations: 18
  • Start date: 22/05/2019
  • Deadline: 17/07/2019
Consultations on SEAC draft opinion: 1
  • Start date: not set
  • Deadline: 19/08/2019
Restriction proposals: 3
  • Start date: 20/03/2019
  • Deadline: 20/09/2019
Restriction proposals: 2
  • Start date: 19/06/2019
  • Deadline: 19/12/2019
Testing proposals
Testing proposals: 20
  • Start date: 27/05/2019
  • Deadline: 11/07/2019


Harmonised classification and labelling
CLH proposals: 3
  • Start date: 06/05/2019
  • Deadline: 05/07/2019
CLH proposals: 2
  • Start date: 27/05/2019
  • Deadline: 26/07/2019
CLH proposals: 3
  • Start date: 17/06/2019
  • Deadline: 16/08/2019


There are currently no ongoing consultations.


Occupational exposure limits
Call for comments and evidence: 2
  • Start date: 17/04/2019
  • Deadline: 30/06/2019

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