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Hotel Parco in Castelfidaro Becomes an Accordion Theme Hotel - Italy

Hotel Parco
On Saturday April 13th a wonderful new event took place at the Hotel Parco in Castelfidardo, where the majority of accordionists and fans coming to Castelfidardo have stayed at least once, in past years.

The main sponsor of this event was the accordion producer Fisitalia.


International Accordion Week of Major Performances with Symphony Orchestra - Italy

Accordion Week Poster
International Accordion Week (see poster above) has enjoyed an exciting week of performances featuring accordion with the Symphony Orchestra of Calabria.

Performers included Friedrich Lips, Mirco Patarini, Marco Gemelli, Renzo Ruggieri conducting and three world premieres.



Report: XIII International Accordionist's Competition "Ascoltate 2019" - Lithuania

Ascoltate 2019 program coverThe XIII International Accordionist's Competition "Ascoltate 2019" was held from 5th to 7th April 2019 in Kaunas, Lithuania. Online Report of photos and videos at: 2019Ascoltate

Download the 40 page program at: 2019ProgramAscoltate.pdf

Approximately 300 contestants participated in this very well organised event before an international jury.

Picture below: Director of Competitions Mindaugas Labanauskas and Ascoltate 2019 Art Director Gražina Lukošiene.


Mindaugas Labanauskas and Gražina Lukošiene

Superb 2019 Shanghai Spring International Accordion Festival - China

Header: 2019 Shanghai Spring International Accordion Festival
International performers pictureView the major report online of the superbly organised 13th and 14th April 2019 Shanghai Spring International Accordion Festival: 2019Shanghai

2019Shanghai includes over 40 videos of childrens groups and hundreds of pictures. Next week will feature the 'Belt and Road' Initiative Accordion Concert Tour, where well-known accordion performers from 'Belt and Road' countries like Russia, Serbia, Lithuania and Moldova were performing along with workshops and teacher development forums.


Sponsors: 2019 Shanghai Spring International Accordion Festival

Video: 2019 Shanghai Spring International Accordion Festival - China

Header: 2019 Shanghai Spring International Accordion Festival
Further videos from the 2019 Shanghai Spring International Accordion Festival. View the extensive report of photos and video the 13th and 14th April at: 2019Shanghai

In an awesome display of numbers of young people learning accordion in the Shanghai and Yangtze River areas, two stages were needed for morning and afternoon competitions to timetable all the performing ensembles and orchestras.

2019Shanghai Report includes over 40 videos of childrens groups and hundreds of pictures.


Reports for Concerts, Masterclasses, Competitions, Festivals, etc.

PIF 2019 – Draw Your Accordion - Italy

PIF logo
The theme of the 2019 PIF Festival is “Once upon a time… the accordion”. This year, as well as encouraging composers to compose a work for Accordion & Orchestra, the event will include a new category: PIF2019 Draw your Accordion.


PIF poster

New and Updated Sites

Report: Frankfurt Musikmesse 2019 Online – Germany

Frankfurt Musikmesse
The extensive report of the Frankfurt Musikmesse 2019 of pictures and video is now online at: Frankfurt2019 Gallery link

Video above: Matthias Matzke (Germany) demonstrating the Bugari-Evo performing "All is hell that ends well" (Two Steps from Hell).

Accordion factories exhibiting included:
Beltuna Accordions S.r.l.
Bugari Armando and Bugari Evo
Cagnoni Srl
Dino Baffetti di Baffetti G. & C. snc
Dallape in visit
Harmonikas s.r.o.
Italcinte in visit
Mengascini in visit [email protected]
MusicTech di Sabbatini Claudio & C. snc
Orla Srl
Pasco Italia Srl E Soprani Moreschi
Pigini Srl
Scandalli Accordions Srl
Zero Sette


Report: 12th Anniversary Afternoon of Music with Kevin Friedrich & Friends Online - New Zealand

Dargaville concert logo
The 12th Anniversary Afternoon of Music with Kevin Friedrich & Friends report and photos are now online. The report includes information on the March 31st, 2019 variety Show featuring accordionists and entertainers from New Zealand and Australia. The show was called 'Music from the Stage and Screen'.

View the report at: 2019Dargaville


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